Metal Minis

We work with talented 3D model designers in 3DP industry and granted commercial license to sell their 3D models. From their monthly released designs, we are offering 2 or 3 selected items to cast in metal, mainly in brass with standard height of 50mm( about 1.96 inches). We set a fix-price of US$80 for ALL 50mm height metal models. If you have special request such as different height or material, please contact us.

We certainly love these 3D figures and all the details, metal cast makes them become another form of art as your tabletop decorations.

For international buyer, we do accept Paypal or you may place order through our marketplace. In normal cases, we do use EMS to deliver the goods, shipping cost is between US$15-25 depends on your location, it will takes 3-7days.

Standard height: 50mm Fix-price: @US$80 Shipping cost(est.) : US$15-25 VAT is not included.

Designers we work with

2020. 11 Release

More to come in 2021…

A description of the project and the works presented.

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