Be Our Pick Up Point!

Pick Up Point

With the help of digital technology, 3DP jewelry can be made faster and easier, however, we still need traditional carriers to deliver these beautiful accessories.

We’re looking for global partners to be our Pick Up Point(s) around the world…  If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at

If we believe sharing economy is the trend then this idea should work like a charm.  The purpose of building our Pick Up Point(s) is really simple.

We share our profits with our Pick Up Point(s) partner(s) and we’ll save some shipping cost by delivering multiple items to one location and our partners can also add our designs to their web stores.  In the meantime, consumers could save shipping cost if the purchase amount is over US$100.  In general, global shipping usually cost in a range from $15 to $35.  We do not offer free shipping only if sharing economy works.


We may have our first Pick Up Point in Hong Kong soon, stay tuned.




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