Yes, this is Opal.

We’ve been made a few pieces by using Opal on rings or just recently on a necktie pin for a male customer. As a 3D printed jewelry maker(a.k.a non-traditional jeweler), we don’t mind trying any kind of materials such as beloved karat gold, silver and brass or ceramic and different gemstones from jade, crystal to diamonds.

And sometimes we know too much about technologies and know too little about gemstones. In this case, the “we” is actually “me” 🙂

Last month, my business partner, also a talented bench jeweler found a small pack of Australian opals which has been buried in the corner of drawer for years. He wanted to use it to make a ring and asked my opinion. That was the first time I saw different color of opal not white nor black or pink. Those tiny pieces of opal(4×6.5 mm) mixed with green and blue and probably some neon colors inside and all the colors mixed so perfectly. I was like, Wow! the colors are insanely beautiful!! Of course I said out loud it in mandarin.

We decided to make these opals to 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold necklace respectively. We, no, it’s me, certainly learned something new, and now the yellow gold necklace is mine. Absolutely love the lesson!

And here is the necktie pin I mentioned earlier. 10K yellow gold to meet budget.


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