Summer Fun with Pearls

I have never been a fan of 3-item-set jewelry, so this was not my intention to make it a 3 pieces set, necklace, earrings and bracelet.

But why I made these three items? The thing is, my friend gave me a bag of baroque pearls and I started to think what can I do with those beautiful imperfect organic gems. They are not in traditional shape but they can bring young and fresh images and also is perfect as daily item which is my favorite style, casual jewelry. Every time when I think of making casual jewelry, most likely I will probably choose 10K gold or silver.

So the first item I made was the single baroque pearl pendant with 10K white gold. One single pearl dangles under a little twisted V curve, simple and beautiful. And then I thought I can design some WFH(work from home) accessories for people to wear while they are on camera for conference calls. Then here comes earrings. I personally always prefer yellow gold so my production team made me this cute pair with 10k yellow gold wire. You probably have noticed that the earrings used two different shape of pearls, one is more like oval shape and another is likely flat. This piece is definitely perfect as WFH jewelry collection and girls with short hair, or those who wear masks but want to have highlight while on camera meetups. Interestingly, I must say though I designed this piece for those who is WFH, however, wearing this earrings reminds me of summer sky, outdoor and ocean.

As for the last piece, bracelet, you might also noticed that the size is quite small. Yes, it’s designed by my 7-year-old niece. After she saw my earrings, she poured out the whole bag of pearls and arranged them into a circle on my working table. She asked me, can you make me a bracelet like this? I was so surprised that I already influenced her design sense. Of course I had no reason to stop her love to jewelry, maker spirit and creativity, few days later she got the bracelet as her 8 years old birthday gift.

In general, these three items may look like a set jewelry but it wasn’t my intention to do so. I’d like to share this fun process with you and I saved some money to buy a birthday gift, maybe that’s why I love my work so much.

Original date: 2021 April during the pandemic year, Ting & Coco.


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