In recent years, I no longer make silver jewelry unless it’s for tabletop decoration. And this one is obviously an exception, I made it just two weeks ago and gifted it to a close friend who is now back to her home, Japan.

As a jewelry designer, gift jewelry to friends is so convenient and totally make sense, but my friend, Masako-san, is a senior jewelry lover and you can’t fool her with easy stuff. She might not fully understand how I made the jewelry by using 3D printing or whatsoever technology… But she definitely has high standard and good sense of beauty that she formed her preference and style along the way she travelled half of the world. Like most of Japanese girls, she’s been reading a lot of fashion magazines since young age. She can easily surprise me by saying the name of Elsa Peretti effortlessly while I can only remember Elsa because it’s same with the famous character from Disney animation.

However, she still has weak point for me to make fun of. Her jewelry box is missing something like modern, bold or big jewelry pieces. If so, it’s time to add one different item to her jewelry collection.

Every designer has their own preferred style, in my case, I’d rather not to define my “style” too soon. I’ve been desired to create a simple but larger size silver ring or pendant for quite a long time. However, those designs were all failed. So often, simple is too ugly; large is too dorky. But this time, a wonderful idea came across my mind one night, how about make a twisted O letter from LOVE? I quickly finished the design and printed the model. 52 is a secret code I use often and this time it’s the length of pendant, 52mm tip to tip. By far, this is the largest pendant I’ve made and I’m quite satisfied with the finish, no need to mention the 60cm long chain is lovely as well. Really a perfect match with black turtleneck sweater in cold days or casual occasions hanging out with friends in Ginza.

Two days before her departure, I gave it to Masako-san wishing to surprise her at last minute. Of course I was a bit nervous about her reaction(Yes, Japanese can be very polite…). Guess what? She was happily surprised by this long chain necklace, she reacted like a little girl receiving a new Barbie. Her husband nodded and said, yeah, you wouldn’t choose this style by yourself, even I recommended.

I am glad Masako-san loves her new toy. And I’d love to visit Tokyo again after covid-19 eased, before then every one please stay safe.



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