Silver Morishio

925 silver, home decor, morishio

First of all, let me explain what is this. At first glance, I believe most of you don’t know what is this, or maybe you’ll think it’s somethin like chess piece. Well, obviously it’s not any kind of jewelry.

It is called “Morishio”, please pronounce in Japanese. According to JCI(Japan Culinary Institute), they give us a good explanation about morishio.

In Japan, morishio (piled salt) is a traditional practice that has been handed down from one generation to another for a long time. It has been believed that the piled salt in a small dish placed by the front door works for purification of the premises and warding off evil spirits. -JCI*1

In my personal life, I have strong connection with Japan so I think I should make one. Plus, we are now approaching year-end season, after we’ve been battling with pandemic in 2020 and 2021, I want to leave a mark to end this covid-19 time and welcome a new year. In ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures, salt is considered sacred and valuable, and can be used for purification and remove negativity. I really love this idea and think now is the perfect timing to do so.

So we made this silver morishio with a tapered octagon shape inside. A pearl was set on the top as a decoration to add an elegant touch. There are some decorative lines on outside so that this morishio bears a resemblance to Christmas tree. By doing so, customers can place the silver morishio on table as a deco while it’s not in use.

If you’d like to purchase this item, please contact us directly. We might put it on Esty, not decided yet but will update soon.

*1. See original article here.


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