Everyone Loves Pearls

All 14K yellow gold, Pearls for earrings, Bracelet uses small gems like Sapphire, Tsavorite, Pink sapphire.

Pearls seem so popular this year, we actually made serval pearl jewelry this summer. I guess people really miss the blue sky, fresh air and feel the sun on the skin. And then I realized that girls really LOVE pearls. 🙂

I made myself the bracelet by playing the colors from corundum family, such as pink/blue/yellow sapphires, and the green one is tsavorite. The colorful stones make the bracelet a little childish but still reflect the happiness of summer time, so I have no complaint about it.

The two pairs of pearl earrings are relatively formal but still a great match to wear on various occasions. There’s one interesting thing happened while I was asking customers about which color of gold to use, and they both decided to go with yellow gold. In here Taiwan, white gold is a lot more popular than yellow, it’s been a major trend for decades and consumers think yellow gold represent old-fashion. But in the end, I think they made wise decision to do yellow gold. See how GORGOURS they are!

My bracelet? Never mind. My niece will eventually take it from me. I don’t think she will care about the gold color, she just loves any kind of jewelry.


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