A Crown? Tanzanite Ring

If we want to talk about this blue-violet hued gemstone, Tanzanite, we have to thank Tiffany first. According to Tiffany‘s website, it says:

“Tiffany named the stone tanzanite after its country of origin and the only known source of the stone. Introduced by Tiffany in 1968”

And like any other jewelry lovers, besides diamonds I am trying to extend my interest to other gemstones like Tanzanite but to be honest, I am quite confused about its blue-violet hued color. Staring at gemstones can be kind of my way of meditation, and then the design will just come out.

The color of Tanzanite is quite subtle, very soft, very tender, sweet, or you can say it’s very feminine, and that’s also why makes me confused. The color is not as intense as Sapphire so you won’t mistake them from each other. However, just because it’s lack of certain intensity which I expected, I feel a little lost when first time I saw Tanzanite couple years ago. Fast forward to earlier this month, I had an opportunity to purchase a batch of mixed shapes of Tanzanite so I decided to use them making some light jewelry.

Interestingly, I didn’t mean to design a crown style ring at the beginning. The moment I placed the ring on the table to examine the finish, the 9 pieces of stones accidentally appeared to be like a crown, and the petals wrapped around half of the ring implied a laurel which matches with the crown. Love it!


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