The subtle fire in a baguette

Since this is not a food website so all of you will not seriously think I’m talking about a baguette, French baguette 🙂 But yes, I am talking about another kind of baguette, baguette diamond.

Almost at first sight, I was immediately in love with baguette diamonds many many years ago when I was browsing on internet and found one gorgeous vintage emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from Tiffany. Soon I was captured by the glossy surface and its subtle, reflective lights which can only be found from step-cut diamond family. If we look into the diamond market reports about the production volumes of different shapes of diamonds, we will learn that baguette diamonds are far fewer than brilliant round diamonds. Sometimes, I even wonder and ask myself, am I really fond of the style of step-cut diamond or just because it’s rare to see in the market. Honestly, hmm….I don’t know.

When I found a bag of leftover tapered baguette diamonds was buried with other dusty stuff in drawer, I was very excited looking for revive solutions. Of course you’ll ask why my bench jeweler abandoned these nearly 4ct of good items like this in his drawers, I asked too. He shrugged and said, “I can’t use them any more, these leftovers are extremely difficult to make a ring. Now they are yours.” I love to hear his last word, now they are mine. They are MINE 🙂 I am so very excited.

I decided to make each one stand alone as if they are main stone, and the result is beyond expectation. The ring in the picture above is using one of the diamonds which is just as small as 0.08ct and yes, it’s mine. I engraved “Live & Let Live” inside the ring, somehow I think this tiny tapered diamond revived on my finger. What a wonderful leftover!!


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