Mother-Daughter Match Ear Cuff

Material: 10K white gold, diamond(R) and Pink Sapphire(L)

I have to admit that one of the main reasons I started to make jewelry is because I can make for my own and all designed by my preference. So I always say jewelry is a very personal thing and it is true, jewelry represents the wearer’s personality and sometimes tell our stories.

When I need some confidence booster I usually wear my “power ring” which is paved with diamonds, and some colored stone earrings are often worn in a cheerful mood; layered gold necklaces are signaling “I don’t work today, let’s have coffee” and so on. Everyone has different way to express their styles and emotions through jewelry, that’s why jewelry industry can thrive generations to generations.

Weeks ago, my best friend told me that her 15-year-old daughter wants to pierce her ears and that troubled her mind because she doesn’t want her daughter to pierce now. But we all understand and support a teenage girl pursuing her style of beauty and fashion at early age. I have made the teenage girl a tourmaline bracelet earlier and a silver necklace when she was 9. But obviously it’s not enough. Now I have to be serious about her growing needs.

Instead of piercing earrings, I think ear cuff is a pretty cool item for teenage girls. I picked pink sapphire for her, not so pricey in cost also I don’t think my friend would like her daughter to wear diamond to school. So the diamond version is for my friend, mother-daughter match jewelry is always a must-have.

I schedule to meet my friend next week to show her the two items, I think the teenage girl will love it and I wish she would go into “cool” mood when she wears the ear cuff!!


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