Crystal Ring Is A Must-have Jewelry

10K white gold, Yellow lemon Crystal #staycalm

Before making jewelry, I have always been fond of big stone ring. Like any other girls, I purchased some good size of rings and earrings from Swarovski. One of my favorites was a big red stone ring as a travel mark to Paris. With no doubt I thought that was a natural crystal and I kept wearing it for years until it’s broken. And I still kept it in a silver plate I bought from the same trip, it made me feel like all the memories about that Paris trip won’t fade away by doing so.

Many years later, I started to make jewelry and learned more knowledge about gemstones, obviously diamonds become the most important stone to use. But interestingly, I never forget that Swarovski red stone ring and the ring image keeps coming back to me. I happened to have several yellow lemon crystals so I decided to make one for myself and for summer to wear.

I didn’t replicate the old one but just create a whole different design to celebrate the new. There’s a leather bag image in my mind to carry the yellow crystal, and the design can’t be done without 3D printed model. In general, the design is quite unique, the stone is almost fully exposed which could cause a love it or hate it debate. But all in all, the crystal ring is quite perfect for any causal outings. The stone size is about 14x10mm, a hard to be missed size on anyone’s finger. Especially the yellow color is so bright, and so~ summer!!

Now summer is here, and Crystal ring…I really think it’s a must-have jewelry item for everyone.


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