Form of LOVE

Because of a great LOVE, one is courageous.

-Lao Tzu

I happened to find this quote today so I decide to post this beautiful pair of wedding bands that I made earlier this month for a soon-to-be married couple.

We start to receive a few wedding-related orders right after new year holidays, in terms of business it is great sign. However, it’s not just a good sign to kick off a new year, it’s more like another form of happiness that my clients share with me.

Those young couples usually come together, asking questions about diamonds, telling me about their preferences, giving ideas to each other and laughter throughout our meetings. They are emitting love glow and I can’t help but notice that they look at each other more often than pay attention to those diamonds I picked for them and carefully put in the tiny black boxes. They are simply in love and so ready to exchange vows and rings.

Making wedding rings or engagement rings always bring me a warm and soft feeling. With best wishes, I complete these orders with LOVE & JOY too.


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